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greeting·Company Profile


  • Thank you for Fukujuso website.
    Our inn is now in shape and celebrated the 18th anniversary as of 2018.
    This is also thanks to the guests who stayed alone.

    We are paying attention to the peace of mind that our employees have, as well as offering a comfortable space including improvement of facilities and barrier-free facilities.

    There are opportunities to see various reviews, but there are many opportunities to receive a voice saying "The customer service was good", and I am pleased that our thoughts have arrived somewhat.
    Obasute and rice terraces, healing fatigue at hot springs while feeling the beauty of Chikuma.In addition to that, I will continue to do my utmost to make you think that it was good to pick Fukujusou on a precious journey with a heartfelt hospitality.                     

    Yukihiko Hayashi

Company Profile

  • company name, Fukususo Co., Ltd.

    English sentence, fukujusou co.,ltd.

    location, 〒 389 0806
            1089 Isobe, Chikuma City, Nagano Prefecture
            phone number(representative)026-275-0171
           (Reserved toll-free)0120-017-126

    Representative Representative Director, Yukihiko Hayashi

    History, 2001
            ·Change to the present Fukujusou extension renewal shop name "Fukujusou"
            ·Website renewal
            ·Website renewal
            ·Website renewal