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Dishes that made use of materials that match the season

Cooking which used the ingredients of the area of Shinshu abundantly according to the season is content which can feel the rich blessing of Yamakawa.
You can taste the luxurious flavor in the plan that Shinshu Beef is served luxuriously in Shabushabu.
From appetizers to desserts, please fully taste Shinshu and Togura-kamiyamada Onsen.

※The food picture is an example for shooting and is not actually provided.
 The contents may change depending on the plan and season.Please understand.
  • Meal plan example

    Shabu shabu using Shinshu Beef is served, and seasonal dishes are prepared.
  • Luxury three great taste plan

    Not only Shinshu Beef but also luxury three great flavor plan with lumpy crabs and abalone are prepared.
    Please enjoy the luxurious seasonal material to your heart 's content.

    ※As of July 31, 2021, we are offering lobster half body instead of snow crab.
  • Breakfast

    We prepare shochikudo lunch box using local ingredients.
  • Drink

    From basic items such as draft beer, bottled beer, shochu, sake, wine, whiskey, etc.,
    We are also preparing sets that can compare local drinks and drinks, sake and soft drinks using apricots and apples of Shinshu specialty.

Dining Hall

Meals will be served at the restaurant.
Private room, venue for chairs and table seats, either one will be prepared.
Please spend a pleasant time with your family and good friends.
It is possible to correspond to the banquet of a large number of people.Please do not hesitate to contact us.

※Private room restaurant may not be available depending on reservation situation.Please note.
  • Private room / restaurant

    You can enjoy a relaxing meal without worrying about the surroundings.
  • Meal in Dining Hall

    Because it is chair table seat, people with bad feet can use it with confidence.
    Also, in case of banquet, it is also possible to prepare with tatami mats and meals.
  • Barrier-free corridor

    It will be a corridor leading to the restaurant.Enjoy your meals with lots of money.