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Togura Kamiyamada Onsen Yunoyado Fukujuso


1089 Isobe, Chikuma City, Nagano Prefecture

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JR Ueda Station transfer → Shinano Railway Togura Station get off → 4 minutes by car / Uenobu Koshimichi Sakaki IC 10 minutes / Naganodo Obasute SA 10 minutes from Naganodo Obasute SA

Pick-up presence (condition)
Transportation is available from 15:00 to 17:00.(Please make a reservation in advance.Depending on the reservation situation, we may not be able to respond)

For reservation please contact 0120-017-126.
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Tourist pick up

  • Daihonzan Zenkouji Daihongan Betsuin

    Daihonzan Zenkouji Daihongan Betsuin located at the entrance of Joyama Historical Site Park where you can see the Togura-kamiyamada Onsen.
    A large legal requirement by Zenkoji Shonin was held in the middle of July every year, and it is crowded.
  • Night view seen from Obasute PA

    Mt Obasute (Obasuteyama) is, night view attractions of Chikuma City one of the best!
    Fukujusou night view seen from the Obasute PA a park that was maintained about 10 minutes by car from Fukuzuki is the best.
    We also have a 'Obasute Yakei tour hosted by the local tourism bureau.

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